StarWars:The Rebel Threat

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Turn off the lights and wear headphones.

Imagine how hard a hit is that it breaks the hardest glass.


It's pretty good

I'd hope it to be a series because it kinda went no where. But, none-the-less, it was pretty good, and better than I could do. Keep it up.

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Good stuff

Kinda annoying start bit. Other then that is great.

Nicely done, but not completely accurate

Okay, not trying to be negative but I just wanted to point out a couple of things:

DarkAngel2410 said that this flash must have taken place near the beginning of the Empire's reign, hence the presence of the clone troopers. This is contradicted by the fact that Darth Vader was looking for Admiral Ackbar, who was a slave of the Empire a few years before Star Wars: A New Hope and was freed by the Rebels during the construction of the first Death Star. Therefore the flash must be set more than 25 years after the Empire was born.

And again, to go against what DarkAngel2410 said, the storm troopers are NOT the clone troopers. Think about it: they were grown to maturity in less than 10 years, do you think they would have survived up until this point? The storm troopers are merely normal soldiers on the Empire's payroll. Another fact to support this is that in A New Hope none of the storm troopers sound like Jango Fett.

P.S. I am not a nerd, I just know Star Wars very well and enjoy talking about it. Nice flash, hope you make another one!

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You know Star Wars! lol not like the idiot who write yourself to have a plot... IT HAVE ONE!!!! anyway just follow and you'll understand! anyway a sequel is much expected and your idea to draw the trooper in clone because it must be the beginning of the empire is great! it is sure that the helmet of the army didn't change in one time and you had a good idea and for the ones who didn't know Star Wars... the storm troopers (and other troopers of the empire) ARE the clone troopers!!!! If you think not tell me how they were able to build a so massive army in so less time... the empire is the old republic and the clone were the army of the old republic... so... it's goes all the way like this to make sense anyway! GREAT MOVIE I WANT TO SEE MORE!

Nice little story...

I actually thought this was going to be a joke flash or something along those lines, but I was pleased to see a serious take on how ruthless Vader was at first. Very nicely done all in all. Also, to the previous poster, ALL of the Storm Troopers are clones of Jango Fett, that's why there was always a ready supply of them at the empire's disposal. Didn't you ever notice how all of their voices are the same, even in the original movies?

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3.50 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2005
12:30 AM EDT
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