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Update: Thanks for the front page!!!
I also decided to make another one, possibly a sequel, IF I can find good voice actors. I need Beavis, Butthead, Todd, and Stewart. Aim= Gorilla Elbow . Email = optimistic_octopus @hotmail.com
The voice acting was done by FrostedMonkeyFlakes. About 90% of the voice is done by him. The rest is from actual B&B episodes. I drew everything by freehand. All drawings are NOT traced. Nothing is stolen. I wrote the script for this a year ago, but my voice actor pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth when we were about half way done. So then I just made a surprise/bull shit ending. I originally planned to make this longer and introduce some original characters. The good thing about the bullshit ending at least is that it’s nearly impossible that anyone will predict the ending. Unless you are psychic, haha. I gotta give props and credits to Mike Judge the creator of “Beavis and Butthead”, Adam Phillips the creator of “Bitey of Brakenwood”, and Luis Castanon the creator of “The Perfect Murder”. I also gotta give credit to Frosted Monkey Flakes. Even though he disappeared, he’s got the best B&B impressions that I’ve heard so far. I used many B&B reruns on VHS for references. This movie took me quite a while to complete. Watch the movie and enjoy.


Fart Knocker!

Dude you did that very well! The animation as great and the voice acting for some of the parts could have been better. overall its was excellent!

eheheh Made me laugh :D
remmembered the days I used to watch them :)
Good times

Nice work!!!

Well done, this flash is pretty cool and funny, the voices where like the original beavis and butthead ones. Also, you didn't lost the essence of Beavis and Butthead. The arma-dildo thing and the turd TV part where really funny (specialy because of the "OMG The seizure" message). I hope to see more stuff like this arround.


i havent seen anything beavis and butthead in yrs. this is very welcome. make more so i can get my b&b fix.

I suck so hard

FRONT PAGE!!!! TOLD YOU, LOL! I can't believe you finally finished it! OMG I'm such a bastard, but I won't go into that right now. Great work man, I was happy to be part of this (or at least the part I was there for) The suprize ending was well...a suprize hahahahaha. Keep it up, I hope you can find someone who won't flake like I did and you can keep beavis and butthead alive! Again, sorry for not being there for ya. Glad to see that didn't stop you from getting this done. Congrats on the front page duder.

Digital-Spawn responds:

FMF!!!!!!!! holy crap. gooood. I was worried..I didn't know if you were alive or not. lol Dude, come on aim or something. We havn't talked in soooo long. Anyways- no worries. It was fun making this with you, plus this wouldn't even be out period if you didn't lend your voice talent to me. Congrats. :]

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Oct 27, 2005
6:38 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody