Dynasty Warriors Minigame

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Dynasty Warriors Minigame v1.2
- No more <Tag> key to cheat...
- Stages improved...
- No penalty on wrong clicking...

Too few Dynasty Warriors submissions throughout Newgrounds Portal, so I've made one and put it in, hope you guys will like it although it's a little childish for the game... For Dynasty Warriors fans out there, have fun with this one! Well, this is usually a school project that needs to deal within 2 days, so I was rushing days and nights for this one...

Here's the musics that I've put them into the game:
Dynasty Warriors 5 - "Swordsmen In The Plain"
Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends - "Tadakatsu's Theme"
Sengoku Basara (Devil Kings) - "Breakdown"

Special thanks to `galactic and umh_ok for spending whole day for me to plan and convert all the messages into Japanese and helping me as the voice actors...

Lastly to all the members/visitors of KOEI Warriors - http://koeiwarriors.simg
ames.net - Thanks for you guys' support so far! You guys are the BEST! :D And YOU!! Thanks! ^^


Thats weird...

Very odd game. yet fun.

really fun

I found that really fun! It was a bit tough though, I never noticed, did you have the same time even when you got more pictures or did you gain more time? It seemed way too hard once I got to 5 pictures...


im a Dynasty Warriors Fan too MA CHAO WOOT

Woot dynasty

dang! lol the some of the stuff was so small it was invisible to me xD like on Zhu ..whatever guy (samurai ninja guy) i got lucky on the black armor spot. insanely hard on some of them

fun tho. i wanna play a vs type dynasty on newgrounds xD

dam that hard!

i couldnt pass the nanman bit :( dam them! but this game is really good but i dont think u should have to start at the beggining when u lose but overall very well done

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3.67 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2005
2:15 AM EDT
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