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Warhammer 40k Tribute

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To those who still follow this flash, there will be a second half released most likely at the end of this month
November 1st being today. I will add more posts near the completion. However the second half will resume where the 1st left off still between the Ultras and Eldar.

3 years later yea i kinda took my time...
yours truly BumbleebeeTuna.

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This is a flash that I will ALWAYS come back to. I watched it when it first came out and I'm watching it now. Warhammer 40k was one of the best games I've ever played and I appreciate the tribute.


very good!

I loved the animation, and most of all the ultras hehehe because is the chapter I use of course, the only weird thing was the drop pods i thought those were supply crates i don't know much about Eldar, i just kill them but they shoot shurikens i think.
I really wanted to see the force commander do some killing he really seemed merciless.
the warlock killing terminators? well..
what happened to the Space marine sarge? when the warp spider caught him from behind his neck just started bleeding, but there wasn't any sharp object cutting his throat.
but I'm gonna rate a 10 just because you included my favorite chapter :D


Well, Even though the Drop pods looked like metal shipping containers (METAHL BAWXXES)The animation was well done, and the action was well placed. A few things though...Guardians shooting Green beams? Interesting, considering drawing tiny shurikan discs might have been hard.The Warlock killing a Terminator? Plausible.

Overall well done, with few tiny errors.