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While in the middle of making a flash movie I decided to make something useless. The game tests how much you know about pointless things. E.g. The poisonous copperhead smells like fresh cut cucumbers. Hope you enjoy the game, you might learn something about yourself.
Please write a review of what you thought of the quiz and include anything that I could do to make it better.


It takes the randomness too far.

A little nonsense in our lives is good, I think, but perhaps there is too much here. Some of the questions aren't even real questions or are just unfair, like showing a character for a fraction of a second and then asking who it was. I like the random obscure trivia, and if that were all there was to the quiz, I'd give it a good score. As is, though, I'm kind of annoyed by it.

AdamJack responds:

You like the questions more, thats cool. Thanks for your review.


random is an understatement i think............

AdamJack responds:

Why thank you.

I dont get it...

This game has no point i mean it askes you a question and then you have these quick time things and....Well it was not very good to me... Eny way I would like to say that if you are going to make a quiz such as this one at least theme it on some thing so that people know what they are going to test there knolage on...#2 I did not like that fact that you had to click red dots fast and that you had to count something fast or see a charactor that pops up then pops away and answer a question...It gets a 2

AdamJack responds:

The quick things were what gave the game the zap. I wanted to make the quiz fun unlike other quizes but its your taste and i cant grab your tongue and swap it for someone elses. I respect your views on the game. Thanks.


I think it was very random and pancakes but you should make different types like a violent version and fish scales a animal version and junk like that. And now I leave you with a short story. hfgewuifewkfhkewuiwhguewhguiewgfuiughuguifdhguifdguifdhsugh

I was paddling my vanoe one day when the wheels fell off and I ramed into a chessnut tree then I thought how many pancakes dose it take to reach the moon and I thought none because snakes dont have hairy belly bottens:)

AdamJack responds:

Hmmm you do make a good point, i didnt realise that snakes didnt have belly buttons (and that they werent hairy) Thank you for your advise I will keep it in mind for my next game.


good game, but my brain hasn't exploded and yes i did know that Vikings used skulls as cups :)

AdamJack responds:

Dang it, I havnt made the game very hard. Next time it will be so hard that your brain will melt. Thanks for the review.

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4.08 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2005
6:10 PM EDT
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