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Thanks so much again for the frontpage. And to the voters who helped it get Daily 2nd. I are happy now.

UPDATE: I just want to stress this as much as possible. This episode is a bit different because it's a holiday episode and was done pretty fast. This isn't where the series is headed. And I'll be spending more time on the next episode. I make no apologies though. You can't have the same thing every time. I still like this one.
A very Bad Guys Halloween.

Yeah, this is just a little over a week after releasing episode 2. They probably won't all be this quick. I just wanted to hurry and do a Halloween episode for fun. Because of that, it's not going to be the best in the series, and its format is a wee bit different. But I still think it's pretty good.

But, I'll take some more time with the next one. Hopefully it'll be out before mid November, and hopefully it'll be the best yet.


Stop actin like a lil bitch!

*It was tasteFULL, Jesus just has a pretty shallow standard 4 humour!
* I couldnt give a flyin rats shit bout what yer cat does wit` its ass, as long as it stays away from makin flash, just like u should from writing reviews!
*Tho` these flashes somewhat have a plot, humour seems 2 play a big role, whereas violence isnt that important, its suppost 2 b funny u dumb shit, not a damn snuff video!
*Frankly I dont give a fuk bout yer opinion!
*nuttin wrong wit` the second 1
*Thats what prolly what theyre suppost 2, kick u in the ass quick and leave ya laughting
*Animation is fine
*Dont ya b sassin chris hehe
*Sven was a dumb inbred swede, he had it cummin
*Well I just wastted my valuable time writing a comback 2 yer stupid comments!

Have a good day and stfu!
Keep up the good work chris:))

Reasons why you shouldnt watch this:

*IT was tastless
*my cat could make a better flash movie with his ass
*Not enough violence
*frankly all of thses movies stink
*have you seen the second one!!!! that was soooooooo damn stupid!!!!!!!!!
*they are all short
*animations suxor
*animator suxors
*and why the hell did sven get shot in the face...now thats just mean
*baisically...if you have wasted time in watching any of the "bad guys" movies....you are gay...

Have a good day sir....and please stop making movies

Wasnt as good as the first 2

I laughed a little but the first 2 had me laughing my ass off so much. I think this one was hurried to be released before holloween. I done think this should have been the official bad guys 3 just a cutoff. Im sure the 4th one is going to kick ass.


This series is good.
It was placed on Attack of the Show!

ChrisNosal responds:

Yeah, that was awesome.



err...i didn't see the 3rd one until after the review but hey i like it freakin jokes keep em coming :D

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Oct 26, 2005
3:34 PM EDT
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