E T'z In The HooD

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This Is my first real attempt at a Flash cartoon, I pulled out all my hair and smashed my desk up with an axe during the making of this movie....
I now know and understand the time and effort that goes Into making a cartoon.

I hope you all enjoy my work...I enjoyed making It and will make more....
UPDATE* Etz in the HOOD (eps.2) is in creation ! wooo



classic shit right here!

dieneddie responds:

thanks ;)


love love love... all you need is ETz in the HOOD--- you gotza a fan

bling bling

I must say that your first attempt at a movie is better than your last...... I think it has more flare and original thought and the humor is gained from this. Keep the bling blings real!!!

dieneddie responds:

shut up and make a cartoon, are you a teenager by any chance ? yup yup

Preloader doesnt even work right.

This movies preloader doesnt work. Grr...... It deserves to get a low score. Just like you say mine did.

dieneddie responds:

OOO you bitch, reviews are for judgement of the cartoons--- lets keep it there, shall we?

Don't make me eat food after midnight on yo ass

Hehe for your first movie thats great ^_^ i like the gizmo part...it made me laugh and that alone makes this one pretty good...you should make some more but try and fix up the graphics and sound...they were a little off but it was good...nice work :D

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2.66 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2001
8:17 PM EDT
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