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Animal Politics

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This movie was meant to be shown at G8 leaders summit in July 2005. Though shortly before the event they decided it is indecent to show famous country leaders in animal image. But we’ve always known they’re such animals, right? In the savage world of wild politics...


Great movie but I Hate it

We have 100% control of this planet. The day I see People like Virus_Lebel running around shooting people for the better of nature is the day I bust out the lever Action and kick some commie ass. Be proud of the human race we are the best thing that ever happend to this universe.

That was wonderful..

Keep up the good work :)

This was totally brilliant....

Right On

I give you many kudos for that man... I happened to fully understand what this flas was about... All tens for you man... Great flash... You are right about everthing that was in that flash...

Duh, dipshit.

The earth has been tilted ever since its creation, and is held steady by the moon. It has changed 1 degree since humanoids existed, and that was a LONG time before we could change the enfironment. So in short: You're a f***ing moron Curseof111.

fine and smart

Well sometimes, there's good quality animation with good scenario for a change.

The lion is very like Blair, and the bear looks quite like Poutine, and Berlusconi as a boar is an idea I like. But I see Bush more as a monkey than a gnu. And I don't think that it would be the russian that would alert about ecology. Anyway that's just a detail. All the rest is very impressive and interesting.

I gonna show it to friends who like ecology.

Indeed you have talent and you're conscious, so keep going.

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4.04 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2005
8:45 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody

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