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This movie was meant to be shown at G8 leaders summit in July 2005. Though shortly before the event they decided it is indecent to show famous country leaders in animal image. But we’ve always known they’re such animals, right? In the savage world of wild politics...


MagnusDork is full of crap

first off...this didn't portray the US to be "Nazi-like" in any way...the draft that the buffalo Bush signed was also signed by all the leaders...it's making fun of the G8...not picking on the US...and Russia does care about the environment...at least, after the CCCP was out and no more resources were being depleted due to making weaponry...

anyway...nice movie...it seems like more effort went into the drawings though...I would have liked voices and perhaps a better ending...like, what goes into effect afterwards...I don't mean, show people getting killed, but you can show the preparation for it...still, it's a nice movie :)

GO hug a tree...get splinters

Yeah know...what can one say about an emotional appeal that has little basis in fact? The part that really irked me was the supposed moral authority of Russia LOL. They have the worst enviromental record of the G8 countries. This notion that the US is this Nazi like regieme bulldozing Bambi's pristine preserve is silly. The United States has enough parks, natural preserves, etc. that if one were to combine them all, they would cover most of the midwest in nothing but forest. BTW, the graphics were great.

good message..

a preloader would have made me score this higher.. you see your graphics was good and the animations were smooth.. also i'm an environmentalist myself so i appreciate flash movies like this very much.. but of course i'm reviewing this not just as an environmentalist but also as a newgrounds citizen.. it would have been better if the 'world leaders' made sounds.. and i was kinda expecting bush to be a monkey.. hehe.. but that's irrelevant.. still i think it's really nice and it definitely deserves to be in the daily top five..


Animals as the politicians huh? Where are the roaches outside protesting debt in Afrika?

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should make a series about it,love the idea of each country president is an animals,really original nice animation,the ending could be better,still a great flash,well done...

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Oct 26, 2005
8:45 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody

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