Dark Moon Trailer

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A trailer I made for school so that's why it's not great.
It's got a little creature called Dante who is a Bioengineered ant who wants revenge.
Please leave comments and suggestions for improvements.
There are a few sound synchronisation issues as you can tell.


Can't wait

You really bring the point forward that this is gonna be an action-packed movie. Loved the way you presented to us.

muppetmaster responds:

Thank you.


Doesn't look half bad. Maybe a bit odd but not bad. It was hard to tell though from what you gave us. (By which I mean you didn't give us much.) I'll be looking out for it!

muppetmaster responds:

Thanks, oddness is my thing.

Has Potential

Proceed carefully with this and it could be quite entertaining. Dante looks great and could be a really funny character. The weird clone guys also have potential to be very funny. However the Buddy Christ, probably won't have the comic impact you hope it will; mainly because it'll be tough to flash him into a variety of poses to suit your needs.

If you do make something of this, I'll be interested to see what becomes of it.

muppetmaster responds:

Thanks but the buddy Jesus was just for purposes of a joke by a friend, I really don't intend to put him in the actual toon if I make one.

looks allright

throw this up on the ng alpha's section.

muppetmaster responds:

I suppose that would have been better, thanks

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3.38 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2005
3:47 AM EDT
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