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October 25, 2005 –
January 2, 2017
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

UPDATE: W00t! Frontpage, thanks guys!
I also got rid of that pesky game-over bug, if the file is correctly updated ^_^

Can you survive 5 days as a tuna fish, avoiding fishermen, UFO's, japanese seaweed monsters, the Yellow Submarine and much more? Play and find out!

I wanted to make something totally fresh, and in 2 months, this was the result. Don't forget to review!



the art is lacking but i couldnt find any real problems with it. it was fun to play but overall it wasnt that good but it wasnt horrable eather.

lol yellow sumbarine

Its preaty fun, but i have a few questions. "QUESTION 1" Why is a ufo trying to kill a tuna fish? i mean realy... lol. "QUESTION 2" The fisherman dude... does he have alot of free time, or is he insane... just asking. Then the yellow sub... lmao song was a good touch. "QUESTION 3" The japanese seaweed thing, where the hell would it get all the cleavers?

Was ok but hiding at the bottom can get u past most of it. Liked the yellow submarien part, but nnothing to help u distinguish between power-ups and things to dodge.

it was descent...i really like the yellow submarien and the power ups...bt nothing special


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3.44 / 5.00