PICONJO memorial

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a collaborative effort that took 100 artists 6 months to make. All for the greatest artist ever to have lived a full life..a life full of love and respect no matter the hardships he faced.

piconjo will forever <3 j00



I like the way you have a link to a website yet it doesn't work XD the only movies with Piconjo in remotly worth watching were made by other people, so what exactly makes him as an individual flash 'artist' worth remeberance exactly? I'm sure he might have done great things but flash wasn't one of them.

P.S. save the 'piconjo died for your sins' crap for someone who cares... it just makes you sound like religious extremists, which is as funny as it is worrying... go outside people you need some air...

A bit late for a tribute, isn't it?

For starters, Piconjo is NOT dead. Plus, if he was, no one really liked him and you little fuckers are just making some sad ecxuses to fuckin make flash movies. And further more, Will you fuckers stop making stop making Piconjo your co-auther, if he's REALL dead, like you said, then he wouldn'y be here to make those gay mavies.


i must say, nice artwork. tho im not rly buying the whole concept of piconjo dying, considering he had to log in to add his name to the list of authors. rather than lying about over 100 flash authors contributing to it, u should at least be honest about the 5 or 6 authors.

i gave graphics a 7 becuz for once i was actually impressed, i thought piconjo's minions could only fingerpaint :P

i gave style a 3 becuz i've seen other bullshit flashes b4, so its nothing new

i gave sound a 1 becuz that music hurt my ears

i gave violence a 6 becuz u've just killed off a minute of my life that i can never have back.

interactivity: well, i'll give that a 1. u had a play button and a preloader... tho it would be nice if u could actually spell play, i mean, 4 letters can't be THAT difficult to type, let alone doublecheck to see if you made a '1337' mistake.

humor: 0, not funny, never was. time for 1337 sentence of the day...here comes...wait for it... "piconjo is teh suck"

overall: 2


:'( for piconjo. Please don't make this the only memorial movie, next time you make one please contact me so I can help.


So if this took "100 artists and six months!"

Why is it alot shorter than things that took one guy and a weekend?...

and...why were those weekend one guy slaveaways also >.>; more entertaining...?

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2.34 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2005
2:17 AM EDT