Frigid [MD]

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Update: Im getting alot of people saying they dont understand the ending or that it doesnt make sense. IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE...you just have to think about it ok.
Gramps of Morphemon Duelists has a flashback to his days in World War II. The song is a remix of The Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914) by The Zombies.



To the guy below me, they would be distrubutingthe m1 garand in 41', but you see, we werent even in he war then. And, he's obviously not a japanese soldier as he's fighting in the winter. And to the artist, american garands were fed bullets 8 at a time with a stripper clip. not single bullet fed. And there was a rare day when americans fought in snow in the european front, that wouldve been russia, than it wouldve been germany vs ussr.

uh WAr w00t 1 gu355

Anyways it was ok couldve made a bit more realistic. But i want to know is he American or Japanese and why didnt u just draw th M-1 Garand i mean they were distibuting those to the US troops in 1941.
Right then

You guys don't get it.

This isn't a war movie. You might understand that if you watched the first Morphemon(sp?) Dualists thing. It also makes the last bit with the frige alot more entertaining.

Oh yeah, nice movie.

Not bad

I liked the battle, but what was with the end? You build this character to be awsome and a kick ass fighter. Then you have him sitting in a fridge, crazed and sucking on a hot dog. ???? I know some vets who have some problems after the war, but thats a little extream.
Anyway, it was still good. Do more like this one but without random wierdness, also try to only have one song playing at a time. It was hard to hear Bloodhound Gang with the crap in the backgound.

PiGPEN responds:

1. Go see Morphemon Duelists.
2. Thats the way Gramps is (Go see Morphemon Duelists).
3. There was only one song. Weirdo.

not bad

nice animation,

shouldn't have used anime

nice song

didn't really have a moral but i like violence aslong as it isn't senseless like in the fucking flash movie Genocide, i fucking hated that movie!


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Oct 24, 2005
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