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Update: Im getting alot of people saying they dont understand the ending or that it doesnt make sense. IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE...you just have to think about it ok.
Gramps of Morphemon Duelists has a flashback to his days in World War II. The song is a remix of The Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914) by The Zombies.


What the hell??!

Dude what the hell was that thing? First of all, you got the history all wrong! There was no fighting of US forces in China in 1939. Untied States Of America didn't declare war against Nazi Germany or Japan until the attack on Pearl Harbor. So, you have the history all wrong. And another thing, I thought that it was going to be serious at first, but I was DEAD WRONG!! That was a disgrace to the veterans (My Grandfather) who fought in the war through very difficult circumstances. That was a disgrace to those veterans including my grandfather who was in the war.... Oh, and even if you were showing the British Forces, it isn't possible because they weren't in China in 1939! And one guy killing about 20 men! That's unreleastic!!!!!! But you got the talent so keep working on good flashes and just don't make any flash on wars or anything relating to that matter!

PiGPEN responds:

Well youve got your facts wrong sir. There were no US forces in that animation, nor British. The main characters were Japanese and the enemies were Chinese. This animation isnt meant to be historically acurate as this battle never happened and none of the characters are dressed or eqipped accurately and the landscape of the peak i used for the setting may not look anything like that.
I used my imagination not a history book.

little too cutesy but still awesomo

Really great. I thought this was going to be serious, but it wasnt. Kinda weird...but still pretty cool. crazy go nuts animation, but thats a good thing. Unlike anything ive seen in a while. Good job. Some jerkoffs might get all serious about this saying its a disgrace to world war 2 or something, but I think they should shut their pie holes since They werent in the fucking war! So Shut up whiners! Good job

disgrace to world war two veterans

someone posted "very realistic", how is 1 man, dodging 10 snipers and yet killing them all realistic? how is 1 man slicing a guy in half realistic? this is sensationalism... some kid who couldnt even imagine the real horrors of war, my grandfather while he was still alive told me stories of war, far scarier, worse
this is bull, as i am sure ANY other veteran, from any other army would tell you, world war 2 was not about some guy being a hero, it was about a bunch of regular people, in a situation they hated, just wishing it would end... this movie is quite incorrect, and a very bad way to reflect what happened

PiGPEN responds:

I wasnt trying to be accurate...and the fact that the story takes place in the mind of Gramps (its a flashback) i could go as crazy and innacurate as i damn well want...i could add mickey mouse doing the tango with spit the slimemold if i wanted and you can just shut your ass up.


Liked it, very original, very realistic. =]

Grrrrrrrr Ate !!!

That was awsome and very good. There were some funny parts i liked also. Keep it up with the war video man i dont see a lot any more that are good.

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Oct 24, 2005
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