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Mario's bad time

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Hey guys its me again. I decided to make this flash and post it because i've didn't post for awhile. So this is just a quicky flash so enjoy.

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That was ultra funny!
I LOLed when Mario turned the channel to the baby program!
just LOL


It was alright
wasnt the greatest end but o well and eitherbuy a mic or use one caus its preety noobish using speech bubbles

gave it a 5 tho

Probably better oral than Princess Toadstool

The audio kills my neurons. tune it down. not as funny as the funnies though. WHERE's the N64 FLASHES??? stay up.

that was freaken funny!

make more!

Meh leiks it

A good storyline and plot with a nice twist or funny ending. Average sprite graphics and text bubbles. Well thats the I dont care for perfect graphics and voice actors. yeah.