Dr. Shroud in: BITB Pt. 2

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This episode is Part 2 of three in the Dr. Shroud "Boy in the Box" series. If you haven't seen the first episode of Dr. Shroud in the "Boy in the Box", you should go see it now to learn what is happening. If you don't know who Dr. Shroud is or what it is about, visit the Newgrounds Collections page to watch and learn more or visit my site (buy the DVD!). This episode contains clues and back story for part 3, so be sure to keep a watchful eye! Happy Halloween!


Its alright

Its good decent story line good animation but the only problem is when he ran to the capsle thing he strate leged usualy when you see someone run thier legs bend.But other than that good movie I give it a thums up.

I really enjoyed this. It's truly amazing how good the animation is. Everything transitions so perfectly. I really do feel for this poor kid. I thought it would be like your earlier stuff at first. It was like a silent film with no dialogue.

I am glad it didn't stay that way. I prefer the audio. It shows the extra effort. You know how to put emphasis on the voices. A bit long, but it gets its message across well.

Magnus Opum

stupìd, dumb, gay and totally incomprihensible. In other words fucking brilliant.

like the last guy said

I love the cheesy greenblack 50's horror effect. Like watching a true classic

Very nice, just as good as the first!

This was a really cool movie i must admit, i was surprised to see it drop in score so much since yesterday, but that didnt change what i thought about it. It was awesome in each aspect, this shows you care about how well your movies are done, you put effort into each aspect, and even some extras like storyline and feeling. This also reminded me of a great game i started playing today, Indigo Prophecy. Anyways here is my review.

The graphics were awesome, they were impressive right from the start. I will say the one thing that brought it down right away and its the animation. It simply wasnt fluent enough for a 10, and many times i found it too slow. But other than that they were just awesome. The drawings were very detailed, especially in the people drawings, they have great facial features and the colours were also very good. Great backrounds as well! The style was was aweosme, the story seemed well thought through and fairly complex. The presentation was good sometimes, kind of eerie at times. Sorry to say that at other times it was a bit too slow, but that was just caused by the slow animation i think. The sound was also really nicely done other than the fact that the quality wasnt the greatest. The voice acting was excellent for the most part, so nice job overall on the sound.

Overall this was a good movie, very long, well presented and just a good choice if youre looking for a good movie. I hope the next episode will be as good as this or even better!
~Two Thumbs Way Up! 4/5

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4.01 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2005
2:29 PM EDT