Dr. Shroud in: BITB Pt. 2

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This episode is Part 2 of three in the Dr. Shroud "Boy in the Box" series. If you haven't seen the first episode of Dr. Shroud in the "Boy in the Box", you should go see it now to learn what is happening. If you don't know who Dr. Shroud is or what it is about, visit the Newgrounds Collections page to watch and learn more or visit my site (buy the DVD!). This episode contains clues and back story for part 3, so be sure to keep a watchful eye! Happy Halloween!


Did anyone notice....

Did you the person who this lovley piece or any one else notice that the main charater looks alot like Gordan Freeman from Half-Life?-But any way this was not one of the best but still good.


I really loved the graphics and the style, although some of the animation lacked "easing" which would have gave it much more realism.
The story was quite slow and I couldn't really get into it, but obviously I haven't seen all the series so I can't judge fairly.
I voted teh 4.
Nice Job, I'll be watching your other submissions. :)


man, you totaly deserve your own tv show. your series is a million times more entertaining than the garbage they air on tv these days. i wished that episode would never end, i cant get enough of the style.

Good Movie

This was great, great drawings, very realistic. However, sound was a bit screechy. Their walking didnt seem right neighter, other than that, I didn't see anything wrong.

A fucking great movie man ;D

This was a really great movie ;D keep up the very good work :D cant wait for the third movie ...

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4.01 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2005
2:29 PM EDT