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RAC 8 - Recomposition

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This is a little Fan idea of RAC... it's not the original!!!! The original will be from Hydrolic Cat ;D

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That was really nice!! the credits at the start were very good,
you are a great animator, good job!


Dusk responds:

Thx, but you are a lot better already ^^

not bad

to short,reading the letter took 3/4 of the flash and it was not even intesting,the graphic was good that ,why the score is so high,still with some work this could become something worth watching,someday...

Dusk responds:

thanks man... anyway.... actually.... I think that this is ok, since it's a short series... besides that... it represents the end of CC so whatever :D

A bit laggy

I don't know why, but this was very laggy. I like both of your artwork and animation style, but something was wrong with this flash. Also, I think you should have made the table without lines.

Dusk responds:

thanks for the feedback... about the laggy issue.... i don't know... noone had these... maybe it's your computer ?


This is a pretty good clock flash, but it is not in the style of the other clock flashes... First of all, they have lips, it is really weird, and I think that you should use the regular line above their faces in order to show that they are speaking. Second of all, they are blinking every 10 second, which is also not formiliar to clocks, it rally ruins the clockish style. I also didn't really understand the script, it wasn't so funny, but it wasn't something else either... Anyway, it is a nice flash, but needs improvements.

Dusk responds:

thanks for the great feedback... I'll try stick with this....

That's something I havn't seen on a Clock flash

Lip sync for clocks. Maybe you've done that on a few other flashes (I'm sure not Red Apple Clock 7), but still, I'm surprised to see lip syncs on a clock flash. It looks strange, but I like it. Anyway, this flash is a bit short, but it wasn't bad. Now to wait for the next part of this flash. Nice work.

Dusk responds:

thank u

Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2005
11:00 AM EDT