Burnt Face Man 5

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Episode 5. Longest episode yet. Original idea was scrapped, that's why it took so long. Hope youns enjoy it.




* Huum ..

Truly random and genius.

It was all going well unti, you referred to a shortage of nipples.

Lor' there were two references to this years earlier:

1. Ren & Stimpy Rubber Nipple salesmen
2. Niiipleman From Outerspace, OK we lied about the space thing.

Please no more reference to Nipples !
How did Burnt Faceman get burned ?

Perhaps he should get in a fight with Sally Salve to soothe his nerves ? :)

Was Have-A-Nice-Day man not being cynical enough ?


Ew. Ew, no not good...

What was that gay pube shit Burnt Face Man? Seriously, it had some good lines, but not many. It would have been funnier if you'd seen what happened to Slightly Bruised Man, and if Burnt Face Man tried to get a job or something while he was out of work...

Hmm. Gah, it also felt insanely homosexual, and while homos can be homos, I don't particularly care to see gayness in my Flashes of that magnitude (Back with the Boys Again??). Ok, it wasn't really homosexual, but it WAS gay... just in a different way...

Huh? So says Dr. Manhattan...

Serious let down

It was boring. This is the first of your cartoons that I have watched and not laughed once throughout the whole animation. The sad thing is, even if it was totally shit (which it wasn't, the animation was top quality as was the sound) it would still get a very high score, purely because it's an animation by David Firth, people bum-love you because of Salad Fingers, so your shit will always get passed.

I agree with LiQuiD-SiLK...

The use of the r-word is getting a bit much...I'm rather offended by it...your animations have seemed to go from really good, to just raunchy and upsetting.

This was really not your best...were you even trying?


a valiant effort, but not all together that funny.

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4.26 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2005
10:46 AM EDT
Comedy - Original