Burnt Face Man 5

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Episode 5. Longest episode yet. Original idea was scrapped, that's why it took so long. Hope youns enjoy it.




Low nipples!

Loved it.

And as apossed to the last bloke, i really really liked the rape part of it infact i think you should put it in twice, once at the begining and once at the end so we dont for get it....RAPE!

Burnt face man is a great creation and i eagerly wait for more episodes (and that gos for pretty much every cartoon iv seen of yours)

Well done.


I prefer Salad Finger

The humor is not bad... I like them like the metal horse, the crime monitor thingy, ..., I laughed quite hard :)

But one thing that REALLY annoys me is the rape race. I'd gave you a better score if you remove it from the movie

not too bad

as a fan of these sorta cartoons i think i was generous towards it, but it really was a let down compared to the others, really not true burnt face style,

Very good

Too bad Slightly Bruised Man had to die, I actually thought he was the funniest character. I'm a little disappointed there, but this was pretty good, I like stupid humor sometimes.

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This was okay

I more prefere your Salad Fingers work. I do like comicbook hero spoofs but this was... Aw H*ll, you wasted your talents. I know that you must pacify idiots but some of your fans do have brains.
Oops! Did I speak out of turn? I do hate verbal vomit. Cleaning-up the offenses is tedious work.

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4.26 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2005
10:46 AM EDT
Comedy - Original