Burnt Face Man 5

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Episode 5. Longest episode yet. Original idea was scrapped, that's why it took so long. Hope youns enjoy it.




David firth You legond

You no what mate, Dave, you are becoming more of a newgrounds celeb every day! YOU RULE !!!

Ne ways Another cool flash !! ne one else like daves stuff Go to Fat-pie . c o m Wkd site !! Check it out !!


Not as good

it was random but it lacked a funny edge. I like random but it wasnt funny. i did like the taps man thing though. i like taps man he rules.

*Looks at screen wideyed* 00

That was the wierdest thing i have ever seen how did you come up with an idea like that ? Mel gibsons safari FTW and while i was watching it i couldn't stop thinking about monkey dust.It was good funny in places but i think i'm more of a clay mation kinda guy :)
Keep up the wierd ideas .

Low nipples!

Loved it.

And as apossed to the last bloke, i really really liked the rape part of it infact i think you should put it in twice, once at the begining and once at the end so we dont for get it....RAPE!

Burnt face man is a great creation and i eagerly wait for more episodes (and that gos for pretty much every cartoon iv seen of yours)

Well done.


I prefer Salad Finger

The humor is not bad... I like them like the metal horse, the crime monitor thingy, ..., I laughed quite hard :)

But one thing that REALLY annoys me is the rape race. I'd gave you a better score if you remove it from the movie

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4.26 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2005
10:46 AM EDT
Comedy - Original