Burnt Face Man 5

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Episode 5. Longest episode yet. Original idea was scrapped, that's why it took so long. Hope youns enjoy it.




yay a new bfm

this one is by far the best one yet, u know when the first of a series comes out and the sequels can never match up, well u just proved that theory wrong. nice one

hahaha best burnt face man episode ever

omg the raping the girl thing was so funny i almost (almost) died.


Well, after the last 4 episodes (which I loved) this one comes as a bit of a disappointment. It feels very rough and disjointed. The whole thing feels like a bunch of scenes badly linked together with no plot at all, and some of the humour feels as though you're trying far too hard to be random.

Random humour doesn't work in spades, and for the most part you killed the whole BFM premise with things like Mel Gibson's safari and the steel horse. Some of the drawings have been changed too, such as the motions used for the mouths when talking. They look a lot more basic.

Overrall I laughed at a couple of things, such as Man-Spider in the bath and the "Back With The Boys Again!" thing but thats about it. A big disappointment for BFM. If you're going to make a 6th, watch the first few and see the difference in quality between those and this please.

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Good, but not too good...

There's been better Burnt Face Man's (#1-4), and this one is just plain boring.Not One I could watch over and over again, like I can for the others. So, yeah. AND don't leave us with "this is the end of the movie", thing, right when something is gonna happen. The only thing I found funny was that "have a good day" man! This was just plain stupid, #6 better be good!


I love these episodes, the humour is so random and reminds me of Monty Python and Monkey Island. The animation is as good as ever, as is the superb voice acting, which just makes you laugh.

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4.26 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2005
10:46 AM EDT
Comedy - Original