Fake Commercials

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*UPDATE* wow i am suprised at all of the good feed back thanks guys!!

If you find any of these offencive, than dont bitch about it, because i dont care.

Otherwise, i hope you enjoy



I really didn't think this was well thought out by you... maybe if you wanted this to be funny... I would try funny commercials and not so weird pointless ones that everyone has either seen or thought about... and the animation wasn't the best either... I'm not trying to put you down but i think you could of done better ^_^

Honestly, I didn't care for it.

However, that shouldn't discourage you. Your tweening was very rough, as was the flow of your movie. You honestly don't really have enough of an introduction to truly say it qualifies for a replay. You should take the animation you used during the introduction, and revise it so that the credits roll after the movie. You also spelt Corona wrong, as it's bottle is clearly seen on the beach. You also tend to show a single point of animation in a clip, with only one focal point. If you wish to add more humor to a piece like this I'd highly recommend giving the audience a bit more to look at than a moving mouth.

Keep trying though.

Best wishes, Jonas.

PS. I need no cookies.

RANTish responds:

well ya know, penis!

That was fucking awesome

Wheres my cookie?

RANTish responds:

i need a real review to give y a cookie

It made me smile

Sound quality could be better though, maybe get a better mic. Other wise it was fine.


RANTish responds:

yeah im thinken of a new mic for the next 1

It's good.

For a first that is, room for improvement. Nice, short, funny, right to the point. :)

RANTish responds:

its not my first

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Oct 23, 2005
9:28 PM EDT
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