Megaman X vs AllStars

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A tribute for Megaman.
I hope you like it...please enjoy
One thing: Link is not a boss, he is other fighter from Megaman X vs AllStars Part 2.
More information: MENU >> Button "...more"


10 out of 10...

Wow. Of all the sprites I actually enjoyed this one...and with Rammstein in the background!!!!!!!!! Damn. This was great. I usually hate sprites. (Why is Megaman invincible???) Also, Link is the man, I doubt he will, but I hope he wins.


de nuevo lo hiciste wey, jajaja oye te quedo bien padre tu flash de sprites, me dio risa la parte de Doneky Kong jaja, espero la segunda parte eh?! Por lo que veo va asomar samus, ok, no te tardes con la segunda parte. suerte!!
OYE SE TE OLVIDO QUITAR TU FOTO DE MI PROFILE!!! jajaja no importa ;) bye


Im not a big fan of these megaman movies but i liked it.


Okay... first of all, make sure all of the sprites are scaled to be the SAME SIZE...

Next, try to tinker with the framerate beforehand until you think the movie looks nice. I would say that some parts of this movie seemed a little slow.

Next, the sprite selection of the characters was a bit weird.

Granted, you didn't make the sprites for all of the characters... but you should still try to pick and choose the ones that will look neat and in place.

Also, try to pick good sounding sounds for each sound effect.

While, the sounds basically fit with the movie, you should take more time to get sound effects that will appeal to people...


Anyway, ... did you make the picture of X in the title? I know it wasn't drawn in flash...

Some of the creative action in this movie made me smile... but please take my complaints into consideration...

Good effort

Good effort and a pretty good story. I don't mind that it's sprites, it's just that these are pretty overused sprites. Good animation, sound (But what was the guy saying? Sound? Brown? Ground), and a decent story. Pat yourself on the back, I look foward for more of this.

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3.75 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2005
8:37 PM EDT