Megaman X vs AllStars

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A tribute for Megaman.
I hope you like it...please enjoy
One thing: Link is not a boss, he is other fighter from Megaman X vs AllStars Part 2.
More information: MENU >> Button "...more"


cool one

it was a pretty cool sprite fighting animation with Megaman X and many other sprite characters.... although i didn't like seeing X getting his ass kicked all over the place, it was still a pretty cool animation.

Dan-Dark responds:

Ok..thanks for the 6


Sweet flash! I loved it! I have 1 question if you dont mind me asking.. Where did you get the sonic soundboard? I am making my own flash (Dont expect to see it) and I am looking for a soundboard to practice sound with. If you could please E-mail me about it it would be cool.

Dan-Dark responds:

thanks thanks. Do you receive my email with the soundboard of sonic?

Nicely Done

Puta no puedo creerlo lo bueno que eres en esto man, en serio sigue asi, te salen bastante buenas y tienes bastante imaginaciĆ³n, las peleas estuvieron bastante amenas, en especial la 1era opcion de las 4, well I just speaked in spanish 'cuz we know each other right dude? we are some sort of flash friends, of course I don't consider myself as a flash artist, but you, you have the talent my men, well see you around, I hope to see the second part of your masterpiece,... "The Last soldier".. hehe well done Daniel, see ya


Fun to watch...once.


It's pretty good. The only thing I didn't really like about it is that the MegaMan VS Sonic Scene was sorta slow. And the music got annoying after awhile, but its overall good.

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3.75 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2005
8:37 PM EDT