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Ninja Penguins: Part 2

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Author Comments

Ninja Penguins seek revenge against the evil penguin hunters!
Finally done after one LONG year, and a HUGE improvement from my last flashes.

I'd like to thank www.smosh.com for the uzi and m4 template. (the others I made myself)

Thank you for watching!

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This movie fucking rocked my world, keep up the good work!


YAH repp the mofuckin penguins be killin em hunters lol that was awesome!!

How exactly is this a Mature video?

Just because theres guns and shooting shouldn't make something mature! Besides, that video barely made sense! Why in the hell would nuns help penguins kill people?? NUNS!! NUNS DONT FUCKING KILL!!! But all in all it was a pretty good video. Just make sure a PETA member doesn't watch it!! LOL

i am the devil. 666

THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE CONTAINS THE STATEMENTS OF AN ANGRY SCHIZOPHRENIC PENGUIN: hello, sir. I am a penguin and i thought i would share my thoughts with you.
the astonishing allignment of unfiltered cow flatulance swims in the open nostrils of sexually frutrated male transvestite penguins in latex jumpsuits. to further state my point, many frankfurter manufactures are executed beacuse of the inhalation of these fumes caused by the toxic gasses from within the cows anus. Do you agree??!! Goddamn, my naval itches! anyway, yesterday morning just over yonder, with my belly ful of mayonaise and testicle fungus, my nephew, Barlomew, was devoured by a pitchfork wielding vampire cow. I say, my good man, can you spare an oven-mit??? thank you. Back to the story!!! as i witnessed this bovine gobble up Barlomew, i came to the conclusion that my rectum was inflamed. SHIT!!!! THE VOICES!!!! AHHHHHHHHAAAAAA!!!!!!! So i pulled out a carrot-cake and rammed it into the anus of this cow. the cow replied by explaining to me that he wasnt really a cow, i wasnt really a sexually frustrated male penguin in a latex jumpsuit, and i did not have a nephew named Balomew. He told me that i was in the parking-lot of a toy store with a bag of dead catfish in my pants. hmmmmm..... maybe i am crazy. i am gonna go saw my legs off.

Penguins Are SWEET!

Penguins Are The Best Ninjas! And Fuck all who oppose!.......-ShutoutKing

Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2005
6:18 PM EDT