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The Job Counselor

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After 6 months of nothing submit here on newgrounds I (Magical_Arts) tought it was time to make the best flash I've ever done and submit it. So I asked Acid Milkshake to do a random voice act and Mushroomboy5 to help me with the buttons and this is what it turned out to.

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I liked it, but I guess not quite as much as most people. I think the animation is pretty good. It's weird how this had nothing to do with getting a job. I love how casual the guy is at the end. He just wants to take the advice like anything else. It's pretty basic.

It works well with its simplicity. I think it may have been a bit too short. It seems like you could have done more with this. It's still quite watchable. I recommend it.


i like it


Now that one only gets a 9 due to lack of animation however, what a good laugh!

Voices weren't spot on but they definitely were not bad!

I have to be honest and say I didn't see this one coming when I read the title however it was very enjoyable!

Good work and great laughs, good job.


i was at adviser recently and when i saw this one...
i fell out from my chair by force of my laught!! :D

Freaking Hillarious!!!!!

Dude I love your stuff!!! Keep up the good work!1