October 23, 2005 –
February 18, 2009
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gay cartoon dont watch


Thats just another way of asking "Can i fuck it?"

A true gem and legendary bedtime story for the ages. But one question still lingers. If I give this flash a 10 will it grow a hole for me to fuck?

This is so funny man. I truly lolled. Good animation and good voicing. It was awesome

I laughed pretty hard, it's very awkward and strange and starts out like a normal phone call, then right after he says "Can I fuck it?" is where the funny starts.

Good job.

Can I fuck it?

... Pointless, but funny.

thats just another way of saying can you fuck it

haha dont mind if i do

ur brilliant dude!

Nice, decent little flash.
The animation is done very well, it has its own little style with an odd looking creature thats human-like and another which is more human-like.
The way the flash plays out is pretty clever and it doesn't get too repetitive but retains a steady pace throughout the entire flash.
Nice flash with a bit of an odd finish to it.


Lawlz that was teh SHIT!

That was so random, I loved it thanks ^^

Hehe, nice nice. The way the guy reacted to what the freaky red dude said was as if it was a real phone call! Nice animations to accompany the random conversation too, good job. :)


this is hilarious

don;t mind if i do

I thought this was very funny, good choice of audio and I like the graphics here, you can really draw! Nice work on this, too bad you don't come on much now.

a hugely sick sense of humor...10/10 and 5/5

I have not seen such a good flash for a long. Long. Looong time. This is one of the best, funniest well drawn flashes on NG. If not the best. Well done.

Brilliant, fucking brilliant

That is about as funny as Adam Sandler has ever been. Why not 10/10 then? Adam Sandler has never been particularly funny...

Still, I liked the imagery you gave to the soundtrack and your animation style.


This is originally off of one of Adam Sandlers' albums... and I'm not sure if you knew. Good animation to go with it, though.

almost fell out of the chair laughing

This was absolutely hilarious... Great animation, hope to see more like it...

just one word: Priceless

great animation and animation style voices were great 10/10 for humor alone

can i f&*k it, can it f&*k me? can it bj me?
haha lol

hey man can i come over next wednesday and F$CK your toaster too?! lol! awsome high five!

Had me laughing the whole way!

This was really great!!!

ok...really odd but funny...

" can i F*** it?...." and later "so 2 people can F it at the same time. Hey sid... wanna come over and F my toaster this weekend?" "Dont mind if i do!"

Would you like to come over and #@!$ my toaster this weekend?

you can come over and F&*k my toaster. Like the 20 questions style that don't really
get any where ,cool, hope to see more.

I like the animation. And the comedy is an added bonus. Well done.

lol thas funny two ppl at the same time no ways!

It's not something I'd laugh out loud to, but it is pretty funny. The art is pretty good, too. Big, shiny heads are kinda creepy though.

acyully two peole can

i lauged it was weird but i laughed. also really enjoyed your style of animation.

voice actor sounded like woody allen...christ. good one tho, thought it was chill

lol wtf. so stupid, yet funny. but too much of the work fuck.

I haven't laughed at a submission like that since blundercats, GREAT JOB man I'm showin my friends this one.
and a word to Aseychus - get used to big people words.

funny. but , I thought you used fuk too many times.

Hilarious way to kill 2 minutes. Awesome job, keep it up.

the animation was awsome, loved the style.

-oh, so i can fuck it. in fact, two people can fuck it at the same time!

Holy fuck man! Yesh. That was bitchin'. Also, them guys is crazy. But you already knew that. Good animation. Not giving you a 10 because, well, fuck it yes I am.

That was amazing. I loved it a lot.

You guys have done a nice work!!!!!!!!!!
In fact the title says it all!!!!

Congrats, keep uo the good work!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah really hilarious keep it up man

Those are the only words that I could really come up with. "Severely amusing" describes this to a tee. It's crude humor is nicely done. I loved it!

but i like weird funny flashes , its a toaster so we can both fuck it ha! ha! hilarious

it was weird but funny well thats all i can say

NOw that was one odd flash...and i do love it

Heh heh. You know... if I were to smoke just a LITTLE weed... I think this would be funny as hell. =)

Can I fuck it? Can it fuck me? Can it blow me? Can I blow it? Can I fuck it?
Haahaahaaa..holy crap i loved this video!!! Full props to the man who made this..youve got a sick mind, but its awsome!!! Make some more of these, please!!!


OWNED!!!!!!!!! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED A NEW FUCKING TOASTER!

That vid was so pwnage:D

that was so goooood!!!

Hahaha,made me laugh all along the movie good job man!

HEY, you wanna come over this weekend and fuck my toaster?

the characters were great and idea was hilarious. the visual aids were great. it didn't go boring cos you threw in "can i fuck it?" every now and then. that was great. do more please!

GREAT!! lol "CAN I FUCK IT?" daamn calm down buddy haha great animation to the conversation .. keep up the good work all my 5 r belong to this

Oww... my sides, my precious sides

Haha, nice animation to the recording
I love it when there's GOOD animation put to decently funny soundbites
Nicely done

VERY funny xD. The dialogue was pure gold, and the animation was lovely, LOVED the expressions on both guys, all my five belong to you !

PS :
How did you get Adam Sandler to record this for you ? Are you a personal friend of his ? :D

Very nice. We really don't have enough of this. Love how he didn't stop asking if he could fuck it. lol

I laughed, I cringed and generally thought the whole thing was a bit perverse and genuinely funny, but can I fuck it?

that has got to be one of the most pervese conversations i have ever heard. good work!

I kinda liked that. In fact, It's a lot better than the two flashes who are up above you on the front page... Those flashes blew. But keep working on this stuff, we don't have enough talk comic flashes here. :)

HAHA that did amuse me Mega Lolz!!!

that was weird but i like it! :D

disturbed by ur flash tho it was good nonee the less

im going 5 coz its funni but the all the sound and stuff seemed very famila. and the guy b4 me sed it was stolen makes me wonder u know, sorry man

Now you know your a nympho when all you can think about is how to fuck a, not even named, item.

I love the turn around in this, i was excpecting it be just a hum drum boring flash but man was i wrong. Very very good, the animation was priceless, and you did it pretty classy (as classy as you could with this subject matter) I loved your flashes in the past and this is another gem from skye, thank you for making me laugh.

This was really cute. Love the animation and transitions and stuff... plus it was just plain funny. Keep it up!

the soundtrack brought the whole thing together. This flash was hilarious and it was extremely polished, great job.

adam sandler is one crazy mofo and this flash goes with it perfectly. can i fuck it can it fuck me. hilarious

Fuck it. Can it fuck me. lol classic. Awesome job

wouldnt you get electrocuted?

that would be a painful but completly hilarious way to die :D

and if it wasnt plugged in...
then id plug it in for you just so i could watch you die in that painfully hilarious way.


Haha, nice job, the voice acting was great, I love the birthday guy's voice.

i tryed to fuck my toster but well ah......it got stuck so i said if i plug it in it sould shoot it out a pice of tost but i for got it gits hot now my dick looks like fready cruger off of nightmare on elmes street

damn funny

LOL dude.. that was cool...
You should make part 2... with both of em fucking it

Nice, man.

can i fuck it? can it fuck me? if i were stranded on a desert island with only this object....am i getting a rim job? HAHAHAHA

lmfao this is sooooo funny ......so wanna come over and fuck my toaster? ^_^

that's fucking hilarious !11!! one!!1eleven!!11

5/5....you deserve it

This one was very good! Unlike Gladiator, which I didn't realy like, but I don't like giving bad reviews so...there.
Can't wait for the next one!

ps: moest ik nu een paar schrijffouten gemaakt hebben PECH leren jullie dan maar nederlands schrijven hé


hahah i laughed my ass off but ive been trying to find the audio file its adam sandler isnt it? please tell me where to get it umm you can see my email at my profile

This is easily better than most stuff I see on the front page. Totally hilarious. Nice work.

I laughed out loud when he said the line about the desert island! You did a nice job making a funny audio track twice as funny with your animation.

if someone could be idiot to fuck toaster by way this is funny shit

Damn dude you rule. I know him from school and works at my site. you own dude. Love the shave part and how you always use it as a box with a "?" mark.

an Interesting Conversation to say the least....., it should've been called "Interesting Hilarious Conversation", because that was very funny.

i love it, you are a champion, keep making them flashes, i have shown this movie to SO many people its not funny

this is absurd. But it's hilarious.

that was amazing, i havent done a review AND voted in a loooong while. i gave u a 7 for sound because the red person was kind of hard to understand..kind of muffled (subtitles wouldnt be so bad or anything) but other than taht, boy...U ROCK!!!
are you planning on making any more flash?kuz u got loads of talent if this was to be just a weekend flash.

the only reason im posting it to get the last review off the screen
THANKS FOR THE SPOILER ASSHOLE!!! wait....there can be only one improvement made.....and thats an announcement stating that the next person who posts a review that has a spoiler is getting an abusive mark. heck ill even help you out on that one.
i hate spoilers.....anyone who spoils this i hope you seize up in your sleep and never wake up.
excellent flash. love stuff like this

So funny dude, all that conversation just for a toaster.
I'll look forward for your future submissions.

I don't understand why this is only the Daily Fourth Place submission. It's funny, very well animated, and it's among the few really unique ways of making us laugh here on Newgrounds.

totally unexpected --- awesome work gave me a good laugh.

hahah nice! i love it! great job man!

that flash wuz crunk all my 5 on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol, that was hilarious, plz make more funny flashes i reali enjoyed that one!

Thank you Bahamut7, for completely ruining the joke for those of us who haven't heard this skit before. I'm writing a review just to get that spoiler off the page. Jerk.

On a brighter note... I really enjoyed this flash! The animations were hysterical! :-)

The graphics for this flash look very nice. The music in the background is nice and quiet and the voices are at a good volume. The voices for this flash was good and this was a funny flash, especially the overuse of the word Fuck, LOL! After all thos questions about the present and find out it's a toaster. XD Heh, good humour in this flash. Nice work.

Man that conversation was so alike one I had with a friend some time ago...it was great fun watching this! You really captured the goofyness!
Keep it up!

it wold be

A truly unique flash. I've heard a lot of Adam Sandler's audio files, and this was truly one of his best. Simply for the complete randomness and stupidity. An interesting choice for a flash movie, and I can see why it inspired you to make one.

The graphics were done, quite well to be honest. The backrounds were everchanging, and colorful. Most of the animation was smooth, and creative. I found that my eyes were very amused throughout the whole thing. The style was unique, and quite brilliant.

The sound wasn't yours. Basically the whole thing was already recorded by somebody else, therefore the only credit you get in that category is the actual choosing of the sound. It's always nice to see a good flash that doesn't involve heads getting chopped off, so this was a nice change aswell.

As I said before, the humor was perfect. Although you didn't make up any of the dialogue, I thought you did a great job of applying the audio with the actual flash. I believe that sound is the most important part, and that the movie and the music should co-exist as one instead of being seperate parts. You did a great job of this.

Anyways, I don't want to keep you reading too long. Assuming you DO read your reviews that is. Good work, I enjoyed it a lot.


I like it I like it but, fuck this, fuck that, lol too much of that, weird humor. but nice animation.

I don't even need to say anything. The animation fits the bit perfictly. You sir get a Gold Star.

it's an adam sandler bit.

this needs a front page.

A very funny and creative conversation and awesome graphics make this an awesome flash. Great job.

the guy that plays alex is the gay guy from Little Nicky I'm going to guess the audio came from Adam Sandler. Funny shit man looked like it had a bit of hominid influence.
good work

Now, THAT was funny! this is the first cartoon i've watched and enjoyed today. The sound was good, the graphics were good, keep up the good work!

A toaster? Fuck I guessed a microwave. I can't believe thats an actual conversation. Very slick animations there, very nice indeed. Humor? Oh I pissed myself A couple of times listening to that in fact I had to play that over again cause I can't get enough. A well deserved gift of 5. Nicely done.

Ok, so the last few flashes i've seen deserve a big blam, but this one, DUDE you've got potential, keep these coming and you'll get some recognition here. Only thing i didn't really like was the sound was waaay to low, had to turn up my volume. Atleast your video has sound. That puts you about 1,000 steps up from other flash artists out there...

Keep it comin!

this is so cool.


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