dancing don 2.0

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this is my pricipal @ drake.Mr. Don Drake of drake highschool. He is a dick and recently banned "freak dancing" which is wack. the security guard at drake convinced my to animated don dance...so here it is. i already showed this movie to my school and it opend a staff meeting but i figured id send it to you guys and see what you have to say. hope you like it even though you dont kno my principal.. p.s. i appologize if i got the size wrong.


Pretty damn good!

That gave me a very nice chuckle for the day. Good job on the animation, but some parts of the dance sync were a bit off. Didn't take off much though.

I don't understand why this has a two, it's a shame when decent submissions get tossed away like garbage because some mingebags decided to spam the "0" button.

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Very Nice

Oh my god I dont even go to your school and I fucking loved that. I wish I could dance that well.

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nice dancing you got going there, good stuff..good stuff...

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Fucking A dude.

Excellent attack on the fucking authority in your school. Just be careful, I got suspened in high school for something very similar to this. PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY!!!!

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Great work!

Awesome movie, man!

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Oct 22, 2005
12:29 AM EDT
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