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Thanks for fifth place, guys. By all means, let me know the flaws in this film (as long as you're not going to be a complete jackass like some reviewers proved themselves to be). Mind you that i take the time to rebuttle to everyone's reviews simply to return courtesy. You get what you give.

Glad my message got across. Keep 'em coming!

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Well first off congrats on the award its always fun to win some and this one deserved it for sure i like these anouncments vids very nice indeed


I voted you up bro - under pressure - so you don't think I'm a jackass - well done

That was great! I'm glad you were able to spill out so much truth here. I try hard not to be like those people. I guess the animation here could have been better. Wait, should I even be saying that? I just thought this was very clever.

I obviously don't do this stuff. I loved how fast paced this was. You know how to put these people in their place. It does make me think about good stuff that got blammed. There must have been some deletions like that.

I agree

before you vote...actually read man just read.

if you dont like it fine,but just dont blam the thing just to be an asshole..really man.

ain't that the truth

ppl who watch stuff should atleast review if its good or not