windows 200000001

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windoZ 2001~!!!?

Thanks Tom Fulp for putting my crap of a movie on the windows parodies..YAY

make sure you watch the veta version too!


Worst game ever!! YOU CANT DO ANYTHING

ITS SUCKS! You can't do anything!

I can say this is the worst OS (of course, I hate it) because we cannot do some stuff. Why is "Start" mispronounced as "Stirt"? Why we can't play games or go to the Internet, "becuz my connection sucks", or maybe open Paint or Photoshop. We can't go to My Computer, or to see deleted files. You suck because you did the worst thing in your OS. You also suck with "Windows has a virus:)". We also
cannot shutdown because there's "Windows has a virus:)" in there too! And Media Player IS just a gif animation!

I must agree with the 0 starers. (fk other 0 starers that dont give a motherfucking shit)

Although, when you wrote:

"Cannot conect to the internet because your computer sucks" i loled.
(others not bad)

I now rate this 2.5 Stars.

BTW all u do is click and half of the things do nothing all u can do is watch a stickman walk.

(comment back plz)

thank you

(I DON'T fuck you other 5/4.5/4/3.5/3/2.5 starers.)
(Fuck you under 2.5 stars, sorry.)

Ahahahahahhahahaahaa! COOL! IT'S VERY FUNNY!

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1.24 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2001
11:24 PM EDT
Simulation - Other