Nuggets Ep8 - Hard Times

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Man, watch the whole series!

Seriously, this is possibly the funniest yet... why the f**k can s**t like the simpsons still be on tv and pure comedy genius like this not be?? it's a crime!

i'm agreeing with the guy who said he nearly pissed his pants during the interrogation scene, who says toilet humour is the lowest of the low?

also love the fact that we see where tyrone has 'come from' and the lovely little dig at white kids who get to know black kids even slightly and start to become gangstas...

all you need now is some starving korean kids in a basement to animate this and you're set...

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dude you rule

Dude this is some funny damn shit, this reminds me of south park and momac is cartman and the other people are kyle stan and the rest of the gang. well this was funny and damn i feel sad for tyrone he was cool, with a mohawk and he is just like butters, oh well later and funny ass shit dude

ha ha ha!

yo that was hilarious. those nuggets got harrased. the two white ones had to suffer bad oders, while poor black nugget had suffered beatings. it was hilarious when the black nugget escapes from prison and the white ones just walked out of there.

oFf D HoOK

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Miggs responds:


kicked ass

I was seriously laughing so hard my ribs began to hurt. At first I thought It was going to suck, but it turned out to be truly freaking awesome ^_^ keep it up

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Oct 20, 2005
4:30 PM EDT
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