Whitmore: H'ween Special

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Whitmore Toad Pirate rest your eyes and go back to the beast,
And as you fade from this world, you should take at least,
Some joy from those who loved you there,
Because your friends stay true even if you dont care.

Have a horrible halloween I hope zombies poke your eyes out,
I hope goblins eat your ears off and witches feed you brussel sprouts,
Take my advice and hide away when Whitmore's around,
He'll take your soul chew it up and drag you underground.

I hope werewolves gnaw on yours knees and little girls pull your hair,
I hope trolls stamp on you and ugly gnomes strip you bare,
So take my advice and run away when Whitmore's around,
He'll give you warts and stick things on you, yes .. things he's found...

Like marbles and scissors and earmuffs and beef gristle,
And lions and tigers and bears, OH MY, and an old rusty whistle,
And all sorts of fruit like pears and possible an apricot,
That might sound nice but trust me, its not.

I hope twiglets fill your mouth and I hope you dont enjoy them,
I hope the baggy trousers you're wearing suddenly fill with phlegm,
I hope gremlins tickle your back as evil spirits dance on your chest,
I hope you fail everything in life, yes, every single test.

I hope you wake up tomorrow with frogs in your mind and pants too,
I hope you go blind and then and then step on monkey poo,
So take my advice stay clear of Whitmore, he's mean,
And dont forgot to have a horrible horrible halloween!



whao i loved that :P one thing cud you tell em the music at the start the pirety music as i remeber it from some were all i nned to know is the name so i can download it ....thnx and keep the gud work up

EdibleCastle responds:

Yeah its called 'Werid Beard" by the band 'Mad Caddies' from their album 'Rock the plank'

Lmao...!!! i love this

Lol that was funny as hell ,confusing, but great i realy enjoyed it!!

the song at the end is weird lol

Great job

EdibleCastle responds:

well its not so much a song but a poem with some backing music. glad u enjoyed it.

Yes, it's Whitmore!!

That was awesome, I thought Whitmore was gone forever.
Although I like it more when he doesn't talk, and just grunts and stuff...

EdibleCastle responds:

oh well... its not like he said too much, right?

I just wasted 5 mins

...on that staring contest because i thought he would blink :[

Great flash as always.

Will arbuckle...

i hope that's your name i'm working from memory here. Once again without fail you delivered fresh comedy clean graphics and awesome audio. I'ma massive fan of your work and can't wait to see what you come up with next. Thanks for the halloween treat of a little more whitmore.

EdibleCastle responds:

hey, cheers. yep, thats my name alright. good one. thanks again.

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Oct 20, 2005
4:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Original