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Click on the croc heads when they pop out of the hole. Sometimes they might tease you by only coming up half way, or sometimes they'll hide for long periods of time. Try to whack as many crocs as possible!

For those of you who've seen the flash intro on my site (featuring a crocodile getting hit on the head with a broom), this is a game version of the popular "Hey kids! Ooowwwwwch!" thing associated with Baronvonbrunk.com!



Firstly i absolutely loved how you trademarked your product nice, So i ended with the score of 52 whacked and 19 not whacked. Now things that kinda bothered me about this game really started with the fact that there was no motion in the broom when i clicked on the croc's which was annoying, secondly the holes seemed really obvious i dont know if it was because you just slapped on holes and didnt take much notice for the background or because the background was so faded that they stuck out badly. I did enough the sound though it was a highlight of this piece and it was good to have a scorecard by the end of it.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

((( FUN )))

Good game, simple and fun, and great sound/FX with the gators, not much more to this game other then wacking, the jpegs were ok but maybe it could be improved with more of your artstile of gaters for a funny outcome, so notbad i had fun with it....


Earned my seal of approval!

Suprisingly addicting. I larfed at the "Winners dont do drugs!" at the begining and I actually liked the sound. Fix a few bugs and you'll earn a 10.


Great game Julius!

I whacked 58 crocks. ;)


not bad,the gator pass by to fast and sometime i hit the gator and it act like ineve hit it,weird...

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3.96 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2005
6:28 AM EDT
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