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Well, the origional Captain Clay I was working on was huge and way over the file size, so I'm gonna divide it up in smaller episodes.

Yeah, and when the view goes off the desk and the mars attacks tune plays, the camera wouldn't stretch far enough so I had to make it go another way. That's why that scene goes on so long.



I've seen better

why do you use those computer voices? are you using them to make sure that nobody knows what your voice sounds like? well there is no point using them beacause we allready know that you are 13

captain-hasselhoff responds:

My voice hasn't broken yet so I sound generally crap when I try to do voices

i've apparently seen WAY better

nice effort, but i mean come ON. this is no 'become'. is isn't really that great


GRAPHICS: 3D Clay animation, good
But I didn't like the laser effect.

STYLE: I like the idea of the planet being your bedroom

SOUND: Good. Hey Jacob.. where can you download that program you used?

VIOLENCE: It had fighting in it

INTERACTIVITY: It had a preloader and play button.

HUMOR: Good Dalek parody.

"Don't you mean d-"

OVERALL: Enjoyed it! Can't wait for the next episode!

captain-hasselhoff responds:

I won't tell you here cos that'd be advertising, so I'll just e-mail you the link.

not bad

i like the idea and the stop animation is quite good, but the story moves a little slowly....overall pretty good though.

Not bad

This is alright, i like how you made your own room a planet in the movie.
But, i woulda gave a you crappy 5 if you didn't put my fav song on their :)

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2.62 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2005
2:20 AM EDT
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