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Tutorial: General Prog.

rated 2.04 / 5 stars
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Oct 18, 2005 | 8:03 PM EDT

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Author Comments

The program now has larger text size.
Some of the grammer and spelling errors have been corrected.
This tutorial is a basic programming tutorial on the concept and syntax of general programming. Most of the information can be used in such languages as JavaScript, Java, and C++, but it is mostly oriented on ActionScript.

If you do not wish to learn or read about general programming concept and syntax please neither rate nor review this tutorial. If you are a fellow programmer or someone who wishes to learn please review and rate.

All comments and suggestions are welcomed and will be attempted to be addded as soon as I can. If I made a mistake, definately tell me about it :)



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Well, ok. 10/10
To the guy below me, my name is also jordan. lol


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Really helpfull

I really like the way you were teaching it for more than one language.

I think you should delete it and resubmit though, will probably get alot higher score.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This got less than a 3?!?

The poor performance of this tutorial is sadening. The depth and quality of this content is UNRIVALED. This is 100000 times better than Ultimate Tutorial 2 or any of that stuff, because it actually teaches actionscript. You probably did poorly on this tutorial because of a bad interface, Newgrounds is shallow...

Yes, this has grammar issues, yes the interface is dull...


Its a shame this didn't do well, it really deserves a 4 or higher in my book!

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ilikerps responds:

Thanks. I understand about the interface. I am no good art-wise. However, I have looked at some other tutorials on ActionScript and they got higher ratings when I felt they weren't as in depth or good (non-artwise, of course) as mine. I definately agree with you on the shallowness of Newgrounds.

As I have said, I know my art skills suck. However, I'd like to know these grammar issues of which you speak. I am unsure if some of them are incorrect or just uncommon. Both should be changed, I suppose, since this tutorial was supposed to be fairly easy to read.

Maybe I'll try to make a tutorial with a better interface and everything, but sucky content and see what it gets :P


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good information; get an editor

This is a good programming tutorial except one thing -- the English grammar and spelling mistakes make it very hard to read! I strongly suggest you get someone who's good at that stuff to be your editor -- all programming books have editors so don't feel bad!

ilikerps responds:

Wow, I am so sorry. I looked through it more thoroughly, and for some reason only now am I seeing all these errors. It is quite atrocious! I guess I was too stubborn to realize these mistakes until now....


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Very informative, but...

Very shitty looking, and very hard to read. And we're on Newgrounds, which is full of a bunch of stereotypical teenagers who give shit a zero because it doesn't have flashy graphics and cool background music. You've got a lot of good information in there, but it needs to look better. I'll help you with it if you want, I'm a decent designer and I could make the tutorial better. Get on AIM if you want me to do some shit for you.