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A stick figure makes his way across a level.

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As good as the second one!

I saw the second one first, but this is a more than worthy predecessor. Again this was a hilarious movie, especially the -OWNAGE- scene. you are one of the best stick animators I have ever seen. once again 5/5.

OrigamiNugget responds:

Thanks man. I wouldn't say im one of the best. But if u have flash maybe we could chat some time. I'd give u lessons. Im usually on the www.Athiestnetwork.com site hanging out. But over there im Rockshow

YAY! Another great movie!

Hi its me again, Kalius,

My email is:

Lukecv999@hotmail .com
Luke@ninedesign .co.uk

email it to any of these and can u start the movie off for me one so i no what type of aniamtion you are using and so u jbiw were to start, and could you reply to some of the emils you get off me becuse this is the last review i can give you becuase you can only submit 1 review of each movie.. i tried puttingmy emails in last time but it wouldnt let me i duno why.... i hope you wil be able to help me a little bit



OrigamiNugget responds:

Thanks for the 10s lol. I'm still having email problems at the moment. The email for this profile isn't the one I use. I'll mail you shortly.


Ha that was neat, i was expecting some game or something but it turnedout well, lots of good kills with lots of nice effects, cant wait for more, keep em coming...

Well the backrounds could use some color, but for the most part it was well balnaced, maybe add other sticks in there with some guns or something, nice job though...



OrigamiNugget responds:

Hahah! You will be satisfied with the sequel. I've been feverously working on it. I'm soo close to completion. I'm just finishin a boss fight, and then working on the blood. Heres a hint on the boss fight (Musrooms, flowers, and pipes) Hint hint!

Unoriginal idea, but some diverse obstacles.

When you said your full-length cartoon with hair, faces etc. failed miserable, I wasn't sure if you meant it got blammed or if it just got a bad score. So I watched this submission out of curiousity.

Watched it 2x.

some selected aspects (rated from ----- to +++++)
(note: I'm not rating everything or trying to break the flash up into constituent parts. Just indicating how much each thing I mention adds to/detracts from my enjoyment of this.)

+++: Cool idea. Extreme obstacle course.

---: Though it's nothing original.

----: I really dislike the way the guy sometimes gets teleported in front of where he died. So we never actually see him get past that level thing, nor the gun placement where he dies, nor the massive jump near the end. It seems like cheating. Cheating us out of seeing how he'd get past the level thing.

+++: I really like the way he gets past the rock bit - by balancing on it.

++: I also quite like the water splashing down on him.

++: The obstacles are fairly diverse.

++: The way the 'OWNAGE SCENE' started up, only to be ended a moment later made me smile.

---: NO replay button.


You know, in some other versions of this, there's multiple stickmen (each with one life), which gives us a lot to look at and stuff to catch on repeated views. Maybe something to consider if you were to return to this idea?

Another thing that might be funny is if he had a lifecounter, then at the end, he tripped over a tiny stone or something, getting killed right at the end, just before the exit.

Anyhow, cool idea, been done before, but yours was interesting too.

Stay funky,
- Bez

OrigamiNugget responds:

I't didn't get blammed becauseI never submitted it. People on this site can be so fuckin one dimensional. They assume that my grey charachters with thier detatched hands are rip offs of madness. When technically, madness is a ripoff of rayman. Bit who cares? Also with the inclusion of zombies in the full length one, i'd be getting more shit from the Madness fans. I'm not too excited to hear there bitching again. Anyway level 2 is on the way. Im about 40% done. Hes almost through the level, but I just need to put in sounds, and finish some effects. Expect it sometime next week. Unless I'm lazy.

Great Concept :)

Keep workin on it but i love that frickin song.

OrigamiNugget responds:

Thanks. The next one will have the song Blue Orchid, Demonoid Phenomenon, or Five Corporations. Im still debating that. Thanks for the 9

Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2005
6:26 PM EDT
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