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Author Comments

I Hate You!!

Update: Damn, my rating has gone down alot. You people here take things way too seriously.. Loosen up you losers, jesus christ. Just because i make a movie with Al Gore saying some things he shouldn't say, doesn't make it a horrible movie. SO what if its racist. Personaly I find Al Gore saying those 3 little words pretty funny. And for all those people that go on and on about me being a racist bigit shithead, well you can suck my wang because you all are uptight fags that have nothing better to do then search on Newgrounds all day. Why don't you dorks go out and do stuff instead of bashing my shit. I know its racist and stupid and has no plot or whatever. I posted cause i was bord, not for you faggots to pick apart.

If ya hate this movie then fine, but VOTE on it no matter what. Don't watch it and go to the next portal movie. Ya basterds.....

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Do it again!

Make it resemble algore a lot more. The voice could maybe be done with samples and soundboard stuff? I would not have guessed that the face was algore, but the posture and the stiffness is obvious. Doing a better job of this next time would piss a lot more people off, and that's always a good thing.

stop it

why does he keep say I hate jews all the time?


damn was that funny algore is a new hitler who would have known. that was one of the best flash movies i have ever seen


People are to retarded at newgrounds to realize great political satire when they see it

What is your mayjor malfunction?

You have powers...special powers...possibly even a gift for using computers to create works and THIS is what you come up with? I'll admit that it's funny when viewed at the basest of levels but overall you've got no animation outside of the guy's mouth moving. That sound clip couldn't have been too difficult to pull off and overall there's just very little thought to it. I think you produced what you planned to produce and so I gave you a two just for sheer effort in creating SOMEthing even if it wasn't fantastic.

Credits & Info

2.62 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2001
6:37 PM EDT