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If you are new to Zarbon's Masterpiece Theater (ZMT) then here is a quick description. Zarbon, Freiza's right hand man from Dragon Ball Z, has his own talk show where he interviews various characters as actors from the DBZ universe.

In this classic episode, Piccolo speaks about going into the medical profession after finishing his work on Dragon Ball Z and GT and tries to convince Zarbon that he should have his prostate checked more often. Nappa also gets to eat cookies.

More detailed credits for ZMT can be found at zarbononline.com. This flash file was submited by BogusRed, the animator for the show.


OMFG LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good job sir plz make moar

"You Kraka-jack-a-ma-flaka-dak!"

Damnz, that was good! I am SO becoming a member of your site! PS. Can't wait 'till Surviving Together comes out. Peace! PANCAKeS!

Freakin hilarious

It's not an uncommon fact that zarbon is obviously gay, but i would have never guessed that piccolo could treat prostate cancer, and have that Pakistani accent. Nappa the redneck haha! I could picture that plenty well before this movie. Freakin hilarious DBZ parody! Keep up the good work.

BogusRed responds:

Thank you ManciniProductions for the review and for the 10 raiting :D

Good job!

I went to watch the rest of your episodes from your site. That is some funny stuff espeically when they keep saying Zarbon is gay!!!
Make more soon!!

BogusRed responds:

Thank you so much ShadowDinosaur for checking out the other episodes. I hope to make another episode within the next month if schedules permit.

"You dumb dumb dumb head fool stupids!"

Dude! That was funny. I've seen all the episodes of Zarbons masterpiece theater. But my favorite ones would have to be the one with Piccolo, ShinLong, and Frieza. But the show would be boring with out that crazy Nappa!!!

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Oct 18, 2005
1:35 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody