WigheadFilms Variety Show

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Here's the first episode of the Wighead Films Variety Show. It features a few short cartoons, watch it now!!

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You've got quite the gig there! Keep making these shorts. I wish I could work on one with you, but everytime a project is made with me something goes wrong.

.... Good work!!!

Eatin' Toast was much better.

Eatin' Toast was much better! The Jewish and Black thing was wrong but that's just me.

Pretty Good

Everything the guy before me said, is true, sorta... I agree the voices could be better, but that can all be improved upon with time. The suicide and KKK bit, in my opinion, didn't push it too far. I mean, I find the funniest things are the bits that push the envelope and make you think "Oh my God, did they just say/do that?" So kudos to that. But, all in all, I'd say this was a good flash. Made me laugh.


I also was going to slam this, as the reviewer before, but some people could really benefit from constructive criticism. There is potential here, good graphics and overall theme, the KKK joke and suicide bit were a little too much. Sound can be improved on, try to limit voice acting by one person to a maximum of two different characters, unless they are truly talented. Keep at it, I can see alot of work went into this, but it just didnt come out right.


i wa gonna bomb this flash..but i have read some one of the previous ones....and i felt kinda bad. i know it would hurt to have everyone tell you that your flash sucked....and well...it did man..animations are ok....u just need someone to write the material FOR you or just simply do better. have friends read it or something and tell you what they think. but...er....how DID this make onto the front page?

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3.87 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2005
1:42 PM EDT
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