Crime Doesn't Pay

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I did this for fun because I was tired of animating the same thing and after 3 hours this animation came to life. I don't relly care if this gets blammed because it's not my best. But I still like and I hope you do to! :)



Well crime does pay, but anyhow, interesting animation. A bit detailless and with a noticable lack of sound, but otherwise the plot is good. Just work on this a bit more and it might become good. Keep it up!


Yeah mate...

look at what you said..

" I Make Decent Movies Now "

well lets see some mate...
submit your barney and drew hentai movies ok?

lets see how fast they get blammed

-Justin :)

Please let this be ur first movie

Now i can understand that this would be ur first flash movie. It is right? Anyway if it is then all u have to improve on is everything about 400%. Im not even trying to dis this too badly either but ull improve. Anyway i was prolly that bad too and i make decent movies now so improve then send more movies and one more thing ur prolly already tired of hearing is dont use ur own voice for acting plz.

lightningbomb responds:

if you make decent movies how come you haven't submitted any. and i said before i was doing this for fun! and this isn't my first if you'd looked at my profile you would have noticed my other good submissions!

funny funny stuff

i couldnt stop laughting

So, draw better flames, never use your own voice..

Well you can use your own voice, but not if it sucks, and that voice sucked.
The flames weren't very realistic.
But the music was good, some of the graphics were good and it had a good concept so my overall score is 5/10

lightningbomb responds:

thanks you for the review.

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1.73 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2005
1:25 PM EDT
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