A Happy Halloween

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This is my Halloween tribute. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. It wasen't easy, so I hope you like it :)


Good but...

What a rip off of family guy there with the oh no, oh yeah koolaid guy! other than that good but I gotcha there

hmmm well then

i thought that was nicely done and o yeah u r so subtle with the VOTE 5!
lol yeah and to who ever didnt notice that which i no several ppl wouldnt of but nvm anyways good movie i will watch more and the koolaid man well wasnt excpecting him and 2 add on i had the sound up pretty high and i need new pant but i liked the movie hope you do more

great flash!

Great flash! I loved all the small stuff you added such as the jeopardy music. Great job. i give it a 5!


It was great... magnificent... YOU STOLE THAT JOKE FROM FAMILY GUY!

Erm... but I liked the graphics and all, but you need your own material. Word?

to the moron who asked the retarded question:

rofl means rolling on floor laughing, lmao means laughing my ass of, and, since you dont know that, lol mean laughing out loud, retard. his name only raise a retarded question from you

back to the flash: awsome and funny, the jeprody music was a great touch

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3.61 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2005
11:17 AM EDT
Comedy - Original