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A Blob Story

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Author Comments

Our little Final Fantasy based experimental Blobs fight against a robot in different styles!
Mercury animation's first project and submission! This animation was made mostly as an experiment for effects and animating. We decided to make this with easy blob versions of our original characters that you might see in the future but then in anime style. It was alot of fun making it, and I hope you will have a great time watching it. I'll try to respond to as many comments and questions as possible. //Mattea

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verry nice :)

verry nice flash u gave me soem inspiration :) (vader jehewo)

Man, I just loved it!

Hey, I just loved it soooo much!!!
Man, I wish I was so good in flash as you guys!
Damn =D
I'm also doing a blob flash, so I'd really like some of your help (Or I could join with ya, would be awsome >.<")...=P
So, I added "mercury_animations@hotmailcom" In my msn, I'm
loko_flint@msncom...I hope you guys like what I'm working in ^^"

Mattea-and-Synthia responds:

Starting to feel a bit popular, I can guarantee our next animation will be alot better though... now when we realized that we were animating at 12 fps, hahaha...ha...ha... ^^'
Well, as you probably figured it's gonna be in anime style... more or less chibi. We are not aware of what kind of theme we're gonna do... but ofcourse, me and Synthia are gonna be in it. Ohh, msn ? Well, since we share the mail account for respond to mails I dunno exactly... but... I guess I could try to log in on Fridays to Sundays if I'm able to... you know, school started again and got my work up to my shoulders. We're both studying art by the way, so I guess it pays off in the end in our animations ^_~
Thanks for the good review =)
Looking forward to talk some on msn.

I want my brother to stand a chance

Hay I know a guy who would love to join up!
My Brother/Rival Chibi_Overlord would like to team up with you guys?! Dont know why so email him or reply to this saying. yes.
Im sure he would love it XD

Mattea-and-Synthia responds:

Ohh *flattered*
Well, I dunno about the joining up idea, we are kinda running our own race...
umm... Chibi_Overlord you say ?... Wish I knew how to search up people... Oh well, I can't find him. But you could send us some mails to mercury_animations@hotmail.com and we could talk a bit. ^_^

these blobs can put ther slimy lips up to my ass

i first saw this movie when it was underjugment in the flash portal i was thinking "hey i hate anime crap maybe i'll see this movie just to blam it into the flaming pits of hell but this movie was more than it was worth it draged a pointless plot on and on and freakin on
so srew you creators and srew you who thought this pointless piece of crap was absoultyly"kewl"damn you ' damn you to hell'ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Mattea-and-Synthia responds:

Supposed to come from someone who hasn't got any submissions, kekeke

So, it seems like you're one of those people who rate 5 on what you like, and 0 on what you don't like in example: "adult" you like adult material ? Would you give an adult themed submission 5/5 ? I bet you would, so "srew" you and go play with yourself. Thanks for your review! Don't waste your life doing it. Heh... people these days.
Stop being so jealous ^_~


you've did a great job! i liked the eyes to the blobs looked like some manga, anime style.
can u fix that ''Best Friend'' song by Toy Box? please take it away..?
that song drives me crazy...
once again GREAT! looking forward to more ''blob ff action''! lol

Mattea-and-Synthia responds:

Hehe, sorry about the song, but we wanted a positive song that fitted in with that we wished happy birthday to our best friend ^^'
But don't worry, we're not gonna use it again... unless we finish another project at the same date next year. ^_~
We're pretty restless at the moment... I think we might start a new project asap. But it's gonna be in anime style... there's a chance we might do it in chibi or atleast half-chibi first as practice.
take care, and thank you!

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2005
10:57 AM EDT