Paper Mario: Part 1

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I started a series on Paper Mario.The storyline is not as the same im just doing little pieces.Im hoping I can do maybe 6 episodes or more.I worked really hard on this and this is my fourth time sending something to newgrounds so hopefully it gets in.I enjoyed making this and I hope you guys enjoy watching it.

Update- Dear everyone who seen my movie I am sorry for the annoying sound, I will try and get voice actors.If anyone can be a voice actors please send me a email to upchuck_forever@hotmail.


Not bad.

Definately not bad, What happened to Goombario though?

go mario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mario is a hero!!!!!!!!!!!

Wasn't bad

This wasn't bad at all. I liked that the animation was in the Paper Mario style. The sound... Yeah, you knew already so I don't need to go real far into that. I'll just say this: There was really no need to use a sound everytime they talked. You should only use a sound when it either fits in or you really need some audio, otherwise you shouldn't basically force audio in like that. Plot was a little random but it was ok.

All said this was alright, 2/5

Keith responds:

yeah the sound is annoying, but if you want Paper Mario flashes with out that then check out my Paper Mario Remake and Paper Mario 2.Glad you enjoyed it.


- Kanadian-Keith

Loved it man.

Good work man. Loved the way u put the sound effects and shit. overall good job man

Keith responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it but the sounds effects are annoying, you should check out the Paper Mario Remake and Paper Mario 2 I did.


- Kanadian-Keith

It was good...

But the sound annoyed the hell out of me

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2.46 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2005
8:40 AM EDT
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