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Here's another small ProtoBlues funny...
It's a french inside joke from our flash debut as "bitter" rivals...
Enjoy and most of all, it's not only a dancing rabbit so watch

Alright, seein as you english speaking dudes don't seam to understnad it and are overall confused let me explain some things:
First it wasn't meant to be submited so there is no englsih in it and it will never have.

Second, in this you can see featuring:
My first flash
ProtoBlues first flash
My RobotWar
Something Protoblues at home
My Megaman sprite serie
His kill pacman serie
As for the story line there is none since this was only a flash to have a good time at what we both had done in the pass.



i like the dancein thing at the beginning but i cant understand the text its in a language i dont speak sorry lol.

Not Bad.

I can read a bit of french, so I was able to piece together what you were saying. For one thing, you should perhaps shorten the first scene. It was a little long, and I almost closed it before the flash continued on.

If the movie doesn't make it past judgement, I'd suggest you might want to translate. Not everybody here took French in jr. High. (heh.)

Good job, though.

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not english

how bout make it in english


I liked the thing at the end with the PacMan ghosts...but thats about it.

Very poor.

The graphics were lousy, and the animation, truthfully, was horrible, and even if I could read french, I'm sure there still would be no entertainment in whatever storyline there is.

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1.92 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2005
1:32 PM EDT
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