How to draw Salad Fingers

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2014 update
I made this in 2005, when I was 13. It has lots of spelling mistakes I know, but hopefully the drawings are enough to teach you. I reckon these drawings were good for a 13 year old too ;)

.....3 things:
1 Submit all my work to a collection
2 vote
3 review
4 look under
....Ok, thanks for viewing and please review, please comment on the actuall thing, not if you dont like salad fingers, eg "i dont like salad fingers, im going to give this a 0"
Comment on the actual tutorial on how to draw



I think the flash is well done, but I am sorry to say that it does not teaches to draw the characters. Maybe it helps a little. But too little. I suggest you to use your knowledgment and talent to do something different. Cheers!

Aprime responds:

Give me an example please :) BUT VOTE HIGHER! :)

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Why not come up with your own ideas for once?

Although I do hate Salad Fingers, that's not why I gave you a low score.
You should actually invent your own characters. That's why SF is funny to so many people.
Then you can use your copied drag and drop technique, or your How to draw technique, without feeling a little, you know, like a theif.

Aprime responds:

I no thats not all true what u said, cos if i did like how to draw the teletobies, you wouldnt complain, so ur lying

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The collection, styel and layout IS good, but...

You need to work on your grammar. It took my experince down a slight peg. Nice tutorial anyways, I've always been a big series fan!

Aprime responds:

Lol, ok, i will, umm i think, lol, what should i do next thoe? Im thinking like a writing tutorial, how to write 3d or like bubble writing, so people can do it realy fast, at my school i put, like all the titles in buble writing or 3d, lol

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I like it! LOL how old is he....

I liek the collection of Salad Finger you have. The tut you have works a little bit. Mine looks similar to Salad Fingers. Thanks by going step by step, but make it more detailed.

Aprime responds:

Lol ok, i will do next time, email me on what tutorial i should do next ;)

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nice job,well explain,great greaphic for tut.,i also enjoy the clock which tell time,dont see that alot in flash,nice work...

Aprime responds:

Yah, you dont see them alot, thats one of the reasons i put it there, thanks, you should get flash as well, and why doesnt your profile show your ages?

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Oct 15, 2005
10:32 AM EDT