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How to draw Salad Fingers

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2014 update
I made this in 2005, when I was 13. It has lots of spelling mistakes I know, but hopefully the drawings are enough to teach you. I reckon these drawings were good for a 13 year old too ;)

.....3 things:
1 Submit all my work to a collection
2 vote
3 review
4 look under
....Ok, thanks for viewing and please review, please comment on the actuall thing, not if you dont like salad fingers, eg "i dont like salad fingers, im going to give this a 0"
Comment on the actual tutorial on how to draw


.....<sound of air being sucked through teeth>...

<Takes Deep Breath>
1. Full stops are not hard to use and are lacking considerably.
2. The shape is an oval, not overal.
3. Capital letters at the end of sentences.
4. The word is pick, not pic.
5. For the love of god...its WRINKLES, not winkles!
6. The word is remember, not remeber.
7. When talking in the possessive, the word is his, not hes.
8. The word is you'll, not ull.
9. The word is hunch, not huntch.
10. The verb is know, not no.
11. The word is because, not becuase.
12. The word is puppets, not pupets

.....em, I could go on. Seriously though, if you want to make your flash animations look any way professional, use half-decent grammer.

Other then that, the flash was actually pretty good. If I was you, I'd release it again however this time using a dictionary.

One final tip, learn to take criticism. Its not particularly good natured if you give abuse to every reviewer who doesn't like your work.

p.s. Apologies if you're illiterate/dyslexic ect. No harm intended.

Aprime responds:

I understand, but some of thoes thing you said is just for short, like no insted of Know, and 2 insted of two, I also understand the other things you said like because, thats just a type error, but you can still read it, even if it is spelt wrongly, but the question is did you learn any thing, if yes then vote on that, if no then your welcome to vote as you have done, however im sure you did learn something


Thank you! I was trying to figure out how to draw him at school but this helped alot! Now it is simple to draw him! Thnx again!

Aprime responds:

Np, what should i do next, maby how to draw dragons, wat do u think, email me, @ aprime.tk@gmail.com, add me to favs


Not the best I've ever seen

A noble effort, but... well, I can't draw at all, and the tips didn't really help me much. I suppose that's more my fault than yours. Nonetheless... the music got really obnoxious. The interactivity was pretty good... I didn't have any trouble following it.

Oh, and your grammar is atrocious ;) It sometimes takes me three or four readthroughs to decipher what you mean.

Aprime responds:

ok, ty, u shud still vote higher


Very useful, it's got me drawing Salad fingers like a pro. Thanks for the tool.

How about a Burnt Face Man version? I'm sure that'd be a cool idea too.

Aprime responds:

Not many people like burnt face man

dont no why
i like him so much

thanks for the review
add me to favs ;)


nice, really nice

first of all, i biased
i love salad fingers
second, loved the program
third and last, thanks
nowi am on my way to drawing this genius character
mine sucked though...

Aprime responds:

lol, its will neva suck, well unless u took like 5mins on it, which im sure you didnt?

Thanks for reviewing and viewing


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2.75 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2005
10:32 AM EDT