How to draw Salad Fingers

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2014 update
I made this in 2005, when I was 13. It has lots of spelling mistakes I know, but hopefully the drawings are enough to teach you. I reckon these drawings were good for a 13 year old too ;)

.....3 things:
1 Submit all my work to a collection
2 vote
3 review
4 look under
....Ok, thanks for viewing and please review, please comment on the actuall thing, not if you dont like salad fingers, eg "i dont like salad fingers, im going to give this a 0"
Comment on the actual tutorial on how to draw



Once again, another fantastic tutorial on how to draw some fantastic characters. Great Job!

Aprime responds:

Kl thanks for ur positive review

Add me to favs,

Great job

I didn't draw him (i didnt have a pencil on hand) but if i tried im sure i cud draw a masterpeice with this, gr8 job at it

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Aprime responds:

Cool, go get a pencil now

pretty cool coz i'm 12

im 12 rears old and i have been playing the game and i could draw it easy.
good job

Aprime responds:

cool, however arnt u suppost to be 13 or more to join newgrounds, or is that another site, any who, thanks for your review


Not too bad

Everything seemed fine, however the spelling and grammer were pretty bad. Also, I was expecting to be able to draw on the screen with that pencil icon. Try making a new verson with that feature!

Aprime responds:

Oh well, if my spelling is bad, you should see my brothers, he writes, because like this beacauese i tell him thats wrong and he says well its shorter, i say not thats not even shorter lol

Nice.. me likes

Yup, I like salad fingers, will be nice to draw him when I'm bored in class. BTW Sanjuaro, what is this Frank of which you speak? The BBQ man is Milfred Cubicle by Salad Fingers standards!

Aprime responds:

Yay the right name at last, thanks dude


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Oct 15, 2005
10:32 AM EDT