78 Seconds of Madness

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This sucks!


Gopod job Kyouki

good job I liked it (mostly because of the marshmellows).

Darkboy101 responds:

I demand to know who you are, for the love of Edreck.


well, overall and to me, it was just another Madness parody, but the action in this one was pretty good. i would've liked it to be more than 78 seconds though, but it was pretty good though.

lol, im surprised

i thought this was going to suck because not many people can do madness well but this was good. also it was pretty funny and made me chuckle, keep up the good work. i only wished it was longer, but i guess the title pretty much told me it would be short.

Nonsense Violence

What happens when you cross DBZ with Rayman and multiply by an overabundance of stupidity? Answer: This flash. I didn't even crack a smile not once. The fight scenes didn't make me think, "Oh cool, I wunna see that again." And the random "Beans" or "Coffee" and other online Leet speak references made my brain sizzle. I especially didn't appreciate the suicide reference. There's no reason for anyone to watch this flash. It's pointless and will not make your day better. >:(

Darkboy101 responds:

Raymen? DragonballZ? Do either of those involve guns, murder, randomness and stupidity? As for the random words, those were just for comedy. I am simply among the group of people who find that
grin-cracking. Plus, they're just madness people.
It's not like someone trying to kill themselves is going to change someone's perspective. I think that if you for some reason hate a Flash, then don't come and scream about how much you hate it, and especially don't compare it with things that have nothing to do with the subject. I am sorry, but I am just quite angered at this person.


nice work dude...i liked the blood effects the best!

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2.30 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2005
8:10 AM EDT
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