October 13, 2005 –
November 11, 2016
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Weebl and Bob, and the Clock Crew. A match made in Heaven presumably.


that was so boring, i do not even know why youd think up of something like this to put up as a flash? the animation was the only good part.

what is that song?!!

The fusion between Weebl & Bob and the Clocks is a grand idea and giving them the Clock voices was a great idea,the script was good & funny and overall this flash was executed perfectly to such a great concept,excellent job.

The jokes weren't Weeblesque (is that a word?). It would have been fine with clock voices, but you screwed up the jokes, and that's really all there is to a Weebl and Bob cartoon.

this was one of the most tedious and boring animations i have ever seen!

That was very funny and very well animated. The jokes were spot on time because they are clocks i guess so a nice job
make a sequel

lmao i liked it specially the part where they say i dont care if it was based on kristy yamagouchy lmao!!

Actually, I found this one extremely hilarious and Strawbl & Rasp very boring.
I give you a solid 10 for this cartoons awesomeness!

xx Martin xx

not great but not bad either

funny loved it

I prefer Srawbl and Rasp but still pretty good.

lol, pictures of strawberry clock via royal mail!


The graphics were very good, I have to admit. Very good.
But the joke...well...what joke?
Violence and interactivity doesn't matter on a non-violent movie so that didnt effect my judgement.
I hate those voices! Merely the voices have brought this movie down several points.
I love Weebl and this is not good.
You clearly have great talent in animation but you should put that into more original work.

ididnt like it its too long lets leave it at that

It was a little bit funny but it was a bit long!!!

It's Pretty funny. It basically has the around same humor of a weebl and bob cartoon, plus humor from the clockcrew, except it doesn't have any language. This is more for younger audienes. But if you want to have a more mature cartoon, add phrases like "Lo wanker" or "F@#$".

Wow, i cant believe how much dialogue you used for this short, which i much appreciate i mean if your going to do a version of the original squeze it for as much as its worth. I liked them going on about strawberry, and i also liked that great camera view you used from inside the bobclock i mean it took me awhile to realise where the angle was from, very creative. Overall great to see a dash of clock brilliance added to the feel.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

Dude, it was F**kin' so hilarious, he has strawberry underwear XD so classic!

What can I say, I'm a long time Weebl & Bob fan (especially Bob) and I also enjoy clock crew toons (though I kinda don't understand the whole clock crew concept yet). So combining them was way too cool for words.

I love weebl and bob as well as the clockcrew and i lol'd at the end with that surprise lol, please do another.


I love weebl and bob. There is too much clockstuff on newgrounds. ¬_¬

i have nothing against the clocks but you just killed a great series by shaming the clocks.

Do not make a sequel this is astonishly crap!!!!

I just really cannot stand clocks.

The animation was flawless, the sound perfectly in sync, it shows you are a good animator.

But to me that is all that is good about it. The standard clock voices are irritating, as many people agree. The conversation just drags on and gets boring, the only thing that is taken from weebl and bob is the image, none of the sound (maybe weebl would have used the music), definately none of the plot. And as far as weebl and bob parodies go, it was awful.

This is an intresting WB/Clock parody, but I feel it goes on far too long and the music, which you've over used in all your animations gets very repative. But it's well animated and smooth, and a good effort.

an interesting cross between clocks and Weebl. nothing exciting, but your efforts were good...... alot better then most clock animations.

I gave this a rating of one because it made me cry and for this i thank you

too long and boring. No humor except the end

It made me chuckle. And for this...I thank you.

You handled that really well. Plus you read my mind. I was going to do exactly that (same music aswell) put as an LL.

Could you possibly tell me how you get the wobbling of the characters like that? I tried really hard but I can't get it. :(

Shame some people are asshats, just because it's a CC. That movie did own. ^_^

there were some parts that made me consider chuckling.. but truthfully i never found myself laughing out loud. i think i would have preferred a something with original characters to a parody, i suppose that shows more effort and creativity in my mind. Also.. it ran a bit longand i started getting extremely bored.

However, you did do a good job of keeping the animation at the same quality as the regular weebl and bob cartoons.. so good job there.

I liked this flash. I think there were was some humor in it and the graphics were great. However, it tended to drag on for a while and the music was a little inconvenient toward the end. Overall though I think there was a solid effort making this flash.

That was terrible and seemed to drag on forever. My god, it wasn't funny at all. Come up with your own stuff next time.

clocks are ok... but this was awesome.... make more pweeze

strawberry ant the best but im giveing u a good score and a 5out of 5 to get u past the blamming

Why do people like the Clock Crew and Lock Legion so much? Do they actually ENJOY that computerized voice? I have never seen the point of putting a clock face (or lock) on an object, giving it a robotic voice, and calling it a character. Despite that, I admit a few of the Clock/Lock movies are amusing. This one felt tedious, though. And there is no way that StrawberryClock should be reffered to as "King of the Portal" even in jest. He is the main reason I dislike the Clock Crew (After all, why would you want to be part of a group that names themselves after HIM!?).

That was just...wow...so odd.

Graphics were okay, your style was good. Sound was nice...although the song did get repetitive.

No violence, nice humor, good flash.

Keep it up!

the voices and timeing where amazing!!!!!!!!!!! looking for a quick way to wash dishes ??!!!!!

That was pretty cool. The song started hurting my face ears, though. Possibly a change in music after the first loop or something, or turning it down. It was less the animation than it was the dialogue that was good.


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